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90 Seconds on The Verge: Apple, Apple, Google, Google

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Ross 90 Seconds
Ross 90 Seconds

[Insert greeting of warmth here] [Provide explanation of today's stories in a friendly manner] [Go off in a completely unrelated tangent possibly related to current events, something from the front page of Digg, or even an overheard conversation from the 23rd Street / 3rd Avenue Starbucks] [End on a non-sequitur] [Reminder readers of tomorrow's Microsoft-themed Vergecast]

Update: We regret that a few corrections must be issued directly related to the video below. First it was said Apple's rumored Pandora-style streaming service was rumored to launch in "the first few months of 2012," which is obviously false (it's 2013). Second, it was said that the Nexus 4 was listed at "Carphone Wireless" (it's Carphone Warehouse). Lastly, it was said that Ross Miller was acting as "host" (he meant to say "jester").

Stories of the day:

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