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Uber co-founder takes to the skies with BlackJet private plane service

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private plane flickr
private plane flickr

If you enjoy Uber's black-car service and want the experience the same level of luxury when travelling longer distances, BlackJet may be just the thing for you and your deep pockets. Led by Uber co-founder Garrett Camp, BlackJet lets travellers book flights on other people's private planes in order to avoid crowded airport terminals and slow-moving security checkpoints. According to AllThingsD, membership for the exclusive service is "a couple thousand dollars," with flights ranging from $950 to $3,500 for each trip. In comparison, a one-way, first class flight from Los Angeles to New York with Virgin America costs around $1,700, and Camp claims that coast-to-coast trips on a private plane can set you back $20,000.

BlackJet may be out of reach for many of us, but Camp looks at the service as more than just a way for the wealthy to enjoy their piles of cash, telling AllThingsD that "I don’t think of it as luxury at all, I think of it as saving time." Considering that BlackJet's list of investors includes the likes of Ashton Kutcher, Roc Nation, and Will Smith's Overbrook Entertainment, we beg to differ, but to each his own. Reservations for BlackJet start today, with the first flights between Los Angeles and New York, and New York and Florida taking place on Novebmer 15th. Initial memberships are invite-only, so don't be surprised if Camp and company don't reach out to you.