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Google Maps updated with enhanced geographic visuals that better depict terrain, vegetation

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Google Maps geo improvements
Google Maps geo improvements

Google today unveiled a number of visual enhancements to Google Maps that result in more accurate depictions of geographic terrain. Additionally, areas of vegetation are easily identifiable thanks to a new color gradation system and natural land formations are finally being labeled as such across Maps. Though these changes sound small, they add up to a noticeably different (and improved) experience for users. "This enriched visual data allows you to quickly and easily see where the great forests, deserts, and mountain ranges around the world begin and end," said software engineer Karl Johann Schmidt in a post detailing what's new at Google's Lat Long blog. Best of all, the added data is visible in the default Maps view — what Google refers to as "basemap" — meaning you won't need to dig into settings or layers to enable the visual flair.