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Tumblr down due to major network problems (update: back up)

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Tumblr Down Message
Tumblr Down Message

Tumblr has been experiencing some serious problems today: the entire platform has been down since this morning, with even the status blog falling victim. While it's promised a quick solution in tweets, the problem appears to have gotten worse in the meantime. Two hours ago, the company blamed the issue on "one of our uplink providers," promising it would be fixed soon.

As The Next Web points out, this is the second time in a week that Tumblr has had a major outage, previously experiencing trouble on October 19th. However, this outage has lasted significantly longer so far. We don't have details beyond what Tumblr has provided above, so it's hard to say what has taken it down for so long. It hasn't been a good week for the web in any case: a few days ago, an Amazon outage made Reddit, Minecraft, and other sites unavailable for many.

Update: Service appears to be back for most users, although Tumblr says it's still resolving problems with some sites on custom domains.