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The Vergecast is live today at 11:45 PDT / 2:45 EDT / 6:45 GMT / 7:45 BST

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vergecast big
vergecast big

The Vergecast and Windows 8, it turns out, have many things in common:

  • They are both Very Big Deals.
  • Like Windows 8, you might want to pay attention to the Vergecast going into the holiday shopping season.
  • The Vergecast may not run well on very old machines.
  • They're available right now.
  • The Surface's keyboard is called Touch Cover; Nilay's jacket is also occasionally referred to as a "touch cover."
  • ...and, most importantly, our own Tom Warren is involved with both.

If you're interested in playing The Vergecast Home Game, check out Verge Bingo.

The Live Show is over, but check out the instant replay below!

Watch live streaming video from thevergecast at