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Boxee offering free Boxee TV to some early adopters (update)

Boxee offering free Boxee TV to some early adopters (update)

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Boxee has big plans for its upcoming Boxee TV, and it looks like it wants to get the word out on the grassroots level: the company will be giving away the device for free to those that have registered interest. Since the announcement of the device, Boxee has had a sign-up page on its website allowing those interested to receive additional information; some of those who took part are now receiving emails notifying them that they can get a Boxee TV for free by filling out a survey. Judging by the form itself, it looks like the promotion is limited to the handful of markets that will support the device's new cloud-based DVR function at launch, including Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC. According to the company, the free units will ship out before the device's general release (it's scheduled to go on sale sometime in November).

It's not yet clear if this offer extends only to those who previously signed up for information on the Boxee TV, or if new potential customers can get into the action as well. If you'd like to try your luck, however, the sign-up page is still live on Boxee's website.

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