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Live Wallpaper lock screen support rumored for Windows Phone 8

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Live Wallpaper rumor (Nokia Innovation)
Live Wallpaper rumor (Nokia Innovation)

We're just days away from the grand unveiling of Windows Phone 8, and it appears that a previously unannounced feature has been revealed. Nokia Innovation has posted an image of what is described as a Live Wallpaper lock screen feature for Windows Phone 8. It appears to show wallpapers that automatically update with live information from first- and third-party apps for Windows Phone's lock screen.

Bing, ESPN, and USA Today appear to support the feature, with current news displayed on the USA Today version. Unfortunately there's not a lot of detail on exactly how this feature works in Windows Phone 8. Microsoft is holding an event in San Francisco on Monday, where the company will detail all of the new Windows Phone 8 features. The Verge will be reporting live, so stay tuned for more information on Microsoft's latest mobile OS.