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The concept art behind the futuristic cities of 'Cloud Atlas'

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cloud atlas concept GEORGE HULL
cloud atlas concept GEORGE HULL

Artist George Hull, responsible for much of the concept work behind the Wachowskis' highly anticipated Cloud Atlas, spoke to io9 about the fascinating process he used to create one of the film's many worlds. Hull focuses on the city of Neo Seoul, a futuristic dystopian city built up from the flooded remains of Old Seoul. Apparently, many of the concept ideas came from Skype chats with Lana and Andy Wachowski, and Hull says that during a conversation about the origin of Old Seoul, "I closed my eyes trying to picture it in my head. I instantly merged their description with a photograph of a mountain range in Vietnam that spiked out of the ocean like giant fingers with tiny fishing boats juxtaposed against them for scale." For more on Hull's creative process and to check out more of his amazing work, read the full article at io9.