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'Draw Something' launches on Windows Phone, exclusive to Lumia devices for two months

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Windows Phone Draw Something STOCK
Windows Phone Draw Something STOCK

Back in June came word that two of Zynga's more popular mobile games were coming to Windows Phone, and now at least one of them is finally available with the launch of Draw Something. Of course, the Pictionary-esque game won't be available for all Windows Phone devices just yet — as Nokia previously revealed, for the first two months after launch the game will be exclusive to Nokia Lumia devices. There's currently no word on when the other announced game, Words With Friends, will be making its way to the platform as well. And for those who own a Nokia device that isn't a Windows Phone, there's still some hope, as the company has previously announced plans to bring both Draw Something and Zynga Poker to its Asha line of budget smartphones at some point in the future.