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Internet Explorer and Firefox teams celebrate new versions with cake-giving tradition

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Firefox IE 10 cake
Firefox IE 10 cake

Internet Explorer is no longer the completely dominant browser it used to be, but that hasn't stopped its team from continuing its cake-giving tradition with the makers of Firefox. According to Mozilla employee Matt Brubeck, the IE team began it all when it sent over a cake to congratulate the company on the launch of Firefox 2 in 2006. Since then, the Internet Explorer crew has continued to send over cakes for each new version, though they smartly switched over to less-costly cupcakes when Mozilla began its accelerated 6-week upgrade cycles. To return the favor, Matt hand delivered a massive cake to celebrate the launch of Internet Explorer 10 this week to the Microsoft team's headquarters in Redmond, and signed it "Love Mozilla." Who said competition precludes a bit of playfulness between rivals?