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Watch this: double time-lapse combines night and day in New York

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New York: Night and Day time-lapse
New York: Night and Day time-lapse

Time-lapse videos of New York City are ten-a-penny, with the 'city that never sleeps' providing an ideal subject for both daytime and nighttime views. But videographer Philip Stockton has taken things a step further in his video New York: Night and Day, using post-processing techniques to combine two separate views into one. The result is a surreal environment resembling the result of a lighting error in an old video game — some objects are brightly lit while others are steeped in shadow; cars with their headlights blazing pass beneath buildings bathed in afternoon sunlight.

According to an explanatory blog post, Stockton filmed at each location for between four and eight hours, then spliced video from the opposite ends of each filming session. In total, the two-minute film took almost three months to produce, but the result is certainly worth it — watch the full video below, or check out Stockton's other work at his Vimeo channel.