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On The Verge has been postponed until November 6th due to weather

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Bad news, folks. In a clever twist, Mother Nature has decided to drag-and-drop Hurricane Sandy and Arctic air over the Northeast United States this week — a phenomenon that's been affectionally called Frankenstorm*. Because of this, there's a really good chance city transportation will be taking the week off. For the safety of everyone involved (cast, crew, fans), we're postponing this Tuesday's On The Verge.

Fear not, though, as the weather will not last forever and we will return November 6th. In the meantime, if you're in an affected area, be sure to grab some necessary supplies and charge up every phone / tablet / laptop in the house. Download a few movies, games, e-books, too. And above all else, please be safe. We'll see you soon!

(*) Note: It really should be called "Frankenstorm's monster," but we digress.