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NASA satellite captures stunning image of Hurricane Sandy ahead of US landfall

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hurricane sandy nasa
hurricane sandy nasa

NASA this morning published an awe-inspiring photo of Hurricane Sandy, the massive "Frankenstorm" currently barreling its way toward the east coast. Taken from NASA's GOES-13 satellite at around 9 AM ET, the image shows that Sandy has already begun intensifying, with its western cloud edge hovering over the mid-Atlantic region of the US. According to Reuters, the storm's hurricane force winds extend 175 miles from its center, with tropical storm winds spanning a diameter of 850 miles.

Sandy is expected to make landfall on Monday, bringing high winds, storm surges, and heavy snowfall to coastal regions in New York and New Jersey, before shifting inland toward Philadelphia. Its impacts, however, are expected to be felt from the mid-Atlantic all the way to New England. Local authorities have already begun issuing evacuation orders along the east coast, with state governments putting the National Guard on alert. Click here for updated information and more satellite imagery.