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Super Great Toilet Keeper saves the environment one shot at a time

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A custom-built Japanese toilet is capable of blocking shots as fast as 100mph. The toilet relies upon two high-speed (250 fps) cameras mounted either side of the goal to calculate the speed and direction of a soccer ball. Once the ball's trajectory has been calculated, the toilet pivots and fires a small ball to parry the incoming shot away from the goal. Dubbed "Super Great Toiler Keeper," it's a collaboration between TOTO, a toilet manufacturer known for its high-tech commodes, and toto, which runs various sports-based lotteries in Japan. The two companies decided to build the Super Great Toilet Keeper to highlight their efforts to "go green." It's not immediately clear what a goalkeeping toilet has to do with preserving the environment, but the collaboration certainly highlights Japan's dominance in toilet technology. Watch it foil striker Tatsuhiko "Dragon" Kubo's attempts to score in the video below.