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'Chrono Trigger' for Android finally available outside Japan on Google Play

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Chrono Trigger
Chrono Trigger

Beloved role-playing game Chrono Trigger has been ported several times since its release in 1995, including to iOS and Android. But while the iOS version was released in the iTunes App Store last year, the Android version has only been available on Square Enix's Japanese games marketplace. That's changing today, and Chrono Trigger is now selling on Google Play for $9.99 — the same price you'd pay on iOS. Also like the iOS version, it includes two extra areas that were built for the Nintendo DS version.

Some game developers have knocked down prices or focused on in-app purchases on Android, citing high piracy rates. Square Enix, however, has consistently sold its games at fairly high price points: Final Fantasy III, which debuted on Play in June, costs a hefty $15.99. If you haven't played one of the other seven ports of Chrono Trigger, or want to see it again, head over to the Play Store and make sure it's compatible with your phone or tablet.