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Google, AT&T, and Starbucks join Powermat-backed wireless charging alliance

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Starbucks to pilot Duracell Powermat chargers in Boston stores

Starbucks watermarked
Starbucks watermarked

Starbucks, Google, and AT&T have decided to support the Power Matters Alliance: a wireless power standards group formed by Powermat and Procter & Gamble (parent company of Duracell). The Alliance intends to create wireless power standards for phones and devices under the IEEE association's guidelines, and competes with other wireless standards groups like the Alliance for Wireless Power (of which Powermat is also a supporter), and the Wireless Power Consortium (which pushes for the Qi standard). The alliance's biggest rival, Qi, is backed by a number of hardware vendors including Samsung, Motorola, LG, and HTC.

As part of its support for the PMA, Starbucks plans to pilot Duracell Powermat charging stations in 17 of its Boston-area stores, which could lead to a broader rollout — something that would give the PMA, and by extension, Duracell Powermat, an important foothold in the US. As reports, Starbucks says that the company plans to test the charging stations through the holidays, survey its customers and stores early next year, and then "regroup with Powermat to figure out the next steps."