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Nexus 4, HTC 8X, and Lumia 810 coming to T-Mobile November 14th

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T-Mobile store (STOCK)
T-Mobile store (STOCK)

T-Mobile just announced that it will launch the freshly-unveiled Nexus 4 alongside HTC's Windows Phone 8X and Nokia's Lumia 810 on November 14th. As Google's exclusive partner in the United States, T-Mobile will carry the LG-designed handset for $199 on-contract — theoretically saving you $100 compared to buying the device outright. T-Mo appears to be following Verizon's (rumored) lead in pricing the HTC 8X at $199; AT&T customers can look forward to a more appealing $99 price point. And if you're more interested in Nokia's latest Windows Phone hardware, the Lumia 810 will run you $149 with the same two-year agreement. T-Mobile may not have the iPhone in its product lineup this holiday season, but clearly there won't be a shortage of high-profile releases on the expanding carrier.