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Microsoft reveals new Facebook, Twitter, Skype apps for Windows Phone 8

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Microsoft has just unveiled a new Facebook app for the Windows Phone 8 platform. The refreshed app takes advantage of a new feature in Windows Phone 8 that lets users access Facebook calendar events and notifications right from their lock screens. The app can also put photos from Facebook right on the lock screen. Microsoft also claims that the new Facebook app features greatly improved performance over the older editions.

Additionally, Microsoft has developed a versions of its Twitter apps and Skype apps for Windows Phone. The updated Twitter app takes advantage of the new notification system and also has improved performance over the older apps. The new version of Skype can run completely in the background, allowing users to receive phone calls and messages even when the app isn't running. Microsoft says that the app is able to do this without draining the device's battery, as is usually the case with apps that run in the background.