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Microsoft's Data Sense for Windows Phone 8 looks to make data overages a thing of the past

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Microsoft is aiming to prevent you from hitting your data tier ceiling with Data Sense, a new component of Windows Phone 8 that utilizes compression to maximize the amount of browsing you can do. Data Sense is a multi-pronged solution that capitalizes on nearby hotspots while also keeping attuned to monthly data allotments and automatically dialing up compression as users approach their limit. Microsoft says their tests showed Data Sense allowed users to get an average of 45 percent more usage from their device in a given month compared to a scenario with the feature disabled.

Similar to Android's data management settings, Data Sense will enable users to dig into individual apps and see just how much bandwidth each is using. A live tile can also be placed on Windows Phone 8's homescreen to make monitoring your data habits an easier chore. To bring these optimizations to customers, carriers will need to enable Data Sense on their network: Microsoft revealed Verizon Wireless will be the first participating network later this fall.