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Pandora 4.0 arrives for iOS, coming soon for Android

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Pandora 4.0 for iOS
Pandora 4.0 for iOS

A new app for Windows Phone wasn't the only bit of news for Pandora on Monday, as the service announced a major overhaul of its iOS and Android apps as well. Version 4.0 of Pandora for iOS and Android brings a number of new features to mobile devices that have been available on the desktop and web versions of the service for some time. The company has reorganized the playback controls and app navigation, expanded its artist profile pages, added new user profiles, and strengthened the app's social sharing features.

The new, more attractive now playing screen is available, with easier to access rating, bookmarking, and purchasing tools. It is also possible to instantly create a new station from the now playing screen. You can also share songs or entire stations to Facebook and Twitter. The expanded sharing functions tie in with Pandora's new music feed and profiles, which let users follow other users and tune in to what they are listening to. The new profile page shows all of your listening history and social connections in one place, and lets other comment on your listening habits.

Pandora 4.0 is available for free in the iTunes App Store now, and it will be available in the Google Play Store for Android phones in the coming weeks.