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Fujitsu shows thin-and-light Windows 8 tablet (hands-on)

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Gallery Photo:

Fujitsu gave us an early peek at its upcoming Windows 8 tablet today, and while the company wouldn’t let us test how it performs, we have our suspicions that it's the company's first Clover Trail-based tablet. Intel has said Windows 8 devices using its new 32-nanometer chips can be as thin as 8.5 millimeters and weigh as little as 1.5 pounds, which we’d guess is right where this little 10-inch, 16:9 tablet sits.

Connectivity-wise, the device offers ports for microUSB and microSD and a 10-pin connector on the bottom for charging, as well as front- and rear-facing cameras if you're into tablet photography. Unlike ARM-based Windows RT tablets, Clover Trail-based devices use Intel’s traditional X86 architecture, promising both long battery life and the ability to run legacy Windows apps. So far Fujitsu is keeping quiet on specs and pricing, but we’re told those will be coming, along with the device’s name, at its official launch on October 19th.