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Interactive 'Lost' guide maps out six seasons of intricacy and mystery

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Lostalgic graph mode
Lostalgic graph mode

It’s hard to wrap your head around the enigma that is Lost, a show that spans 33 years across 121 episodes and six seasons, but what if you looked at it from a different perspective? Santiago Ortiz created Lostalgic to do just that. It’s a website that makes excellent use of interactive HTML5 visualizations that portray the different relationships and themes found in the show. The graphs show not only which characters appear the most in specific episodes, but also who they're interacting with, a great tool to help fans better visualize intricacies along with complex relationships.

It’s all an attempt by the creator of the site to allow users to "read and enjoy the series in a different way," but he isn’t done just yet. Ortiz intends to add even more views that will expose "global patterns in the script," as well as extremely specific information, such as the writing team on certain episodes. If you're thinking of exploring Lostalgic, be warned: there are spoilers ahead.