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Play this: 'Cool Pizza'

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Cool Pizza
Cool Pizza

Sometimes, as a writer, you'll run across an official description of a game that's far better than any witty turn of phrase you could come up with, and that's certainly the case with Cool Pizza, a free iOS download from Secret Library. As the App Store explains, Cool Pizza is about "a girl and her haunted skateboard" who "dive through the depths of the underworld, fighting devils and looking for answers." But it's not just strange, it's also incredibly addictive — a challenging, arcade-style experience that has you travelling through a dark, beautiful world battling monochromatic monsters while riding a skateboard. Responsive tilt controls let you move from left to right, while a fun and frantic combo system has you engaging in aerial combat with giant bugs and flying coffins. It's slick and stylish and manages to be more than just a crazy premise — it's also a fun game. You can grab it now from the source link below.