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Mars Rover Curiosity uses Foursquare to check in from another planet

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curiosity rover foursquare check in cropped
curiosity rover foursquare check in cropped

NASA's Curiosity has accomplished a series of unprecedented feats, including broadcasting on the surface of Mars, and now it's the rightful owner of the first check-in from another planet with the help of Foursquare. While this is the second time a check-in has occurred from beyond Earth's atmosphere, never before has it been done by a non-human. Curiosity jokes that it is "One check-in closer to being Mayor of Mars," but Foursquare assures us that the rover will continue to keep everyone updated on its whereabouts throughout its mission. In case you're planning on visiting Mars in the future, Curiosity was nice enough to leave a tip at the Gale Crater, recommending that visitors bring sturdy shoes and plenty of oxygen.