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Starbucks app for iOS updated with Passbook support

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When Apple first showed off Passbook for iOS 6 earlier this year it included a number of retail partners in its demo — none more recognizable than Starbucks. The coffee company has been missing from Passbook since the launch of iOS 6, however, but that changes today with a new update to the Starbucks iOS app. The new version lets users take their virtual Starbucks card — Starbucks has accepted payment in its stores with its own app for some time — and add it into Passbook. The integration takes advantage of Passbook's geolocation features as well, allowing users to select up to 10 of their favorite stores and have the payment option automatically appear on their device's lock screen for ease of use.

The update also adds overall iOS 6 support for the app, but unfortunately it hasn't been tweaked to take advantage of the iPhone 5's larger screen — so if you're an owner of Apple's latest mobile device, you'll have to put up with some black bars on the top and bottom of your screen for now.