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Asus reports $230 million profit, buoyed by strong notebook and tablet sales

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Jonney Shih
Jonney Shih

Taiwanese computer and tablet maker Asus has reported positive third quarter results, with 6.71 billion New Taiwan dollars ($230 million US) in net income on 111.43 billion NT ($3.8 billion) in revenue. That's a 9 percent increase in revenue from the third quarter of 2011, and a 43 percent jump in net income over the same period. Compared to last quarter, Asus saw 18 percent more revenue and a 39 percent greater net income.

It's a sharp contrast to PC makers like HP and Dell, which have struggled to sell PCs and transition into the tablet market. While sales of Asus' once-popular netbooks are steadily dwindling, notebooks and components are growing, and tablet shipments have jumped dramatically, from 800,000 in the Q2 to 2.3 million in Q3 — likely because of the popular Nexus 7 tablet, although the current statement doesn't say directly that this number includes the Nexus 7. That number is low in the context of the iPad, and it's difficult to say how it compares to sales by competitors like Amazon, but it's a significant gain for Asus and the Android market in general: Google's Eric Schmidt has admitted that the company was "late to tablets." If it does include quarterly Nexus 7 sales, it could also give us an idea of how many devices Google is actually selling.