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Realmac announces Clear for Mac to-do app with iCloud sync

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clear for mac
clear for mac

Realmac today announced Clear for Mac, the desktop counterpart to Clear for iPhone, which launched last February and has since become one of the most popular to-do list apps in the App Store. Clear for Mac launches on November 8th in the Mac App Store for $14.99, and will sync your to-do's via iCloud with a new version of Clear for iPhone that hits the same day.

"With Clear for Mac, we wanted to spearhead a new design direction for Mac UI that focuses on simplicity," Realmac's Rob Jarman told The Verge. The new app is essentially chrome-less, like its iPhone counterpart, featuring just your to-do's inside a petite window. Clear for Mac includes all the innovative gestures we've become accustomed to in Clear for iPhone, like left swipe for delete, right swipe for complete, pinch to view your to-do lists, swipe up to clear your finished items, and more. The app also includes some Mac-specific features like keyboard shortcuts, a menu bar icon for quick access, and the ability to open multiple to-do lists onscreen.

Clear for iPhone 1.2, which launches the same day as Clear for Mac, includes iCloud as its tentpole feature, but also adds an "edge swipe" gesture for switching between lists, as well as a tool for importing text lists from other apps on your phone.

While great apps like Djay, Fantastical, and Tweetbot are quite pricey on Mac, their iOS counterparts aren't comparatively as cheap as Clear for iPhone ($1.99). For this reason, Clear for Mac's price could alienate some users, but the app could prove to be a must-buy to those who use Clear for iPhone as their daily driver. The app ironically doesn't go full screen like its iPhone sibling is famous for, but is still a great way to sync beautiful to-do lists between Mac and iPhone. Or you could just stick with Apple's Reminders or Wunderlist, which have their share of quirks, but are completely free on Mac and iOS.