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Space shuttle Endeavour exhibit at California Science Center now open

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Space Shuttle Endeavor (LA TIMES)
Space Shuttle Endeavor (LA TIMES)

After making its long, complicated, and controversial journey to Los Angeles, space shuttle Endeavour's public exhibition is now open. The shuttle, which flew a total of 25 missions from 1992 to 2012, is in a temporary housing at the California Science Center, where it will remain for about five more years. At that time, the shuttle will be relocated into a new, permanent air and space wing at the museum, which will house the shuttle in takeoff position with its twin solid rocket boosters and external tank attached, according to The Los Angeles Times. The exhibit's behind-closed-doors opening ceremonies were held yesterday, but tickets are now available for those wishing to see the shuttle at its temporary home, where it is placed horizontally much like Enterprise is in New York City. If you want to see a quick preview of the exhibit, be sure to watch this fantastic time-lapse video from The Los Angeles Times, which offers a peak inside as well as the step-by-step journey the shuttle took to get there.