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Redbox to begin selling concert and event tickets at movie rental kiosks

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Redbox Kiosk Stock
Redbox Kiosk Stock

Movie and video game rental service Redbox is entering new territory by selling tickets to concerts and events, The Wall Street Journal reports. Redbox vice president for new business and strategy Mark Archler claims the company's reputation for providing impulse purchases will help sell tickets that wouldn't ordinarily sell, like nosebleed seats for less popular concerts. Redbox will charge a $1 surcharge on each ticket purchase, making it a better choice than many other ticket purchasing services that charge more. However, there's no information on how much the tickets will be discounted, if at all, and a $50 or more concert ticket is far from an impulse purchase for someone intending to rent a movie for $1. Tickets will not be available directly from the kiosk; instead, buyers will have to pick them up on site or print them out at home.

Redbox launched the new service in Philadelphia, selling tickets for a Carrie Underwood show on November 28th, Villinova University football games, and Pocono Raceway Nascar races. It's currently unclear how many tickets Redbox sells for each event, or which events Redbox will sell tickets for on a regular basis — currently, it appears to be a case-by-case decision. There's also no word on when the ticket service will expand to other cities.