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Jolla to show off new MeeGo-based OS in Finland next month

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Nokia N950 Developer Device
Nokia N950 Developer Device

Jolla, the smartphone startup that is intent on carrying the MeeGo torch dropped by Nokia, has revealed that it will demonstrate a working version of its new Jolla user interface at a conference in Finland on November 21st and 22nd. According to the press release, the Jolla user interface is a part of the new Sailfish mobile operating system based on MeeGo. Jolla says that Sailfish should be ready for licensing to other companies by the spring of next year.

Jolla's new OS to be available next year

Earlier this year, Jolla revealed that it planned on releasing MeeGo-based smartphone in the future, though today's announcement makes no mention of actual hardware. The company did say that it would release hardware specifics like device information, industrial design, and availability before Christmas of this year.

MeeGo is an innovative smartphone platform that sadly was only ever released on one device, the Nokia N9. Though the N9 received critical praise for its intuitive user interface and striking industrial design (and served as the design inspiration for later Nokia smartphones), it was quickly discontinued as Nokia focused its efforts away from Symbian and MeeGo and towards Windows Phone.