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Microsoft and Barnes & Noble complete Nook deal, Windows 8 app due imminently

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Barnes & Noble Nook HD
Barnes & Noble Nook HD

After announcing its plans to spin off its digital Nook business earlier this year, Barnes & Noble revealed the completion of the partnership today. Nook Media LLC is the newly formed Barnes & Noble subsidiary responsible for digital reading and education markets. The Microsoft and Barnes & Noble partnership includes a $300 million investment from Microsoft, with plans for a Windows 8 reading app.

Discussing an "imminent launch" of a Nook reading application for Windows 8, Barnes & Noble CEO William Lynch says the company is looking forward to "working closely with our new partner Microsoft to add value to their innovative new platform by bringing great reading experiences and one of the world's preeminent digital bookstores to millions of Windows 8 users." Microsoft's Andy Lees, previously responsible for the company's Kin and Windows Phone teams, also welcomed the news and Nook Media's roadmap and expansion plans. There is no word on availability dates for the Nook Windows 8 app, but we'd expect to see this included in Microsoft's October 25th Windows 8 launch plans.