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Mozilla shows off Firefox Metro for Windows 8, invites community to test early preview

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Mozilla Firefox Metro
Mozilla Firefox Metro

Back in February Mozilla announced it would be developing a Metro-style version of Firefox for Windows 8. We've caught glimpses of the browser since, and today the company has invited users to test out an early preview. Available to anyone running the Windows 8 RTM, Mozilla says Firefox Metro (a name which clearly ignores Microsoft's recent trademark snafu) has been "designed from the ground up" for Redmond's latest OS. The "streamlined, modern" user interface integrates Windows 8's charms menu and also supports touch and swipe gestures.

The app runs in classic desktop mode as well, though Microsoft has chosen to block this functionality in Windows RT — a development Mozilla hasn't been particularly happy about. Keeping up with Mozilla's rapid development pace will thankfully be an easy task; once you've installed the preview, Firefox will automatically keep itself up-to-date with the latest nightly builds.