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Samsung Ativ Smart PC and Asus Vivo Tab RT coming to the US on AT&T

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Samsung Ativ Smart PC tablet press image
Samsung Ativ Smart PC tablet press image

Well AT&T is just full of surprises today. On the heels of announcements about the Samsung Galaxy Camera and the Nokia Lumia 920, the carrier has now let it be known that it will be selling both the Samsung Ativ Smart PC and Asus Vivo Tab RT tablets as well. The Vivo Tab RT runs Windows RT and features a 10.1-inch display, 32GB of storage, a quad-core processor, and support for AT&T's LTE network.

The Ativ Smart PC, on the other hand, is a Windows 8 device that Samsung first showed off in August. The tablet runs on an 1.5 GHz dual-core Intel processor, an 11.6-inch display, and 64GB of internal storage. The specs of the device are nearly identical to Samsung's Series 5 slate, which led us to wonder why the company wouldn't use the same name for the tablet both in the US and abroad. It would appear that Samsung has learned from its success with the Galaxy S line of phones, however, and will be using Ativ as a global brand after all.

Unfortunately, just like the Galaxy Camera announcement, AT&T hasn't provided any hard availability or pricing information, but both tablets will be made available "in time for the holidays," With Microsoft having set a Windows 8 launch event for October 25th, however, we don't think we'll have to wait too long for both tablets to make their way to store shelves.