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Sony pulls Xperia Tablet S from sale due to water resistance issue (update)

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Gallery Photo: Sony Xperia Tablet S review pictures
Gallery Photo: Sony Xperia Tablet S review pictures

Sony has reportedly halted sales of the new Xperia Tablet S in Japan and elsewhere. According to Jiji, the company has found an issue with the tablet's splash-proofing; customers who have already purchased a unit can receive free maintenance and check-ups. We were largely impressed with the Xperia Tablet S in our review, water-resistant or not, but Sony can't be happy with how the launch has gone so far. We've contacted Sony for comment and will let you know if we hear any more details.

Update: Sony has issued a press release acknowledging the issue and confirming that it's caused by a gap between the display panel and the body of the device. The company says that customers are entitled to free inspections and repair if necessary, but until then advises against using the Xperia Tablet S near water.