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Starbucks will support Square Wallet from early November

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Square Card Reader 2 1020
Square Card Reader 2 1020

Starbucks has announced that customers will be able to pay using Square Wallet starting in early November. In addition, Starbucks will add the ability to digitally tip servers using its own mobile app and Square Wallet from summer 2013. The duo signed an agreement back in August that saw Starbucks investing $25 million into Square while pledging to support payments from the company’s mobile Wallet app. Around 7,000 stores across the United States will accept Square Wallet, with users able to locate the nearest Starbucks participating in the scheme using the app.

The announcement comes just days after Starbucks updated its own app to support Passbook functionality in iOS 6, allowing customers to add a virtual Starbucks card and geotag their favorite stores. Heavy investment in mobile payments is a growing trend in the industry, and Starbucks' recent activity is a clear example of the shape of things to come.