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Apple pushes out first improvements to Maps, restores NYC landmarks

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Apple Maps Fixed Brooklyn Bridge
Apple Maps Fixed Brooklyn Bridge

Apple has begun correcting the many inaccuracies and visual anomalies found in its new Maps app. Reports indicate that several of the most glaring mistakes — satellite images showing a distorted Brooklyn Bridge and missing Statue of Liberty among them — have quietly been fixed today. Just one week ago, Apple CEO Tim Cook issued a public apology to customers for delivering a Maps application he said "fell short" of the company's penchant for producing first-rate software. Cook said Apple would be working "non-stop" to improve the user experience; today's updates are the first discernable changes we've seen since the launch of iOS 6.

Plenty of outstanding issues remain, however, with international territories in particular affected by major flaws and less comprehensive mapping data compared to Google Maps. Satellite shots of Colchester, England remain blanketed in clouds and there's still a jarring quality drop-off in Gloucester, for example. Obviously Apple won't have everything fixed in a day — Cook admitted that rectifying Maps would be an ongoing process and that data will improve as more customers use it. And if you still find the app unreliable, the company hasn't been shy about promoting third-party alternatives.