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Why aircraft carriers don't make sense in space

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Aircraft carriers (US Navy/Flickr)
Aircraft carriers (US Navy/Flickr)

Foreign Policy has published an illuminating interview with naval analyst Christopher Weuve, discussing the various ways in which science fiction universes model space warfare. Basing their dynamics on historical models, franchises such as Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica carry over a number of questionable assumptions, such as the use of large carrier-type vessels as hubs. As Weuve points out, the efficacy of aircraft carriers on Earth is tied to their ability to bridge the gap between the twin battlefields of air and sea — in space, however, there is no qualitative difference between the environments used by fighters and carriers, so "putting all your eggs in one basket" makes a lot less sense. Head over to Foreign Policy to read the full interview, which also covers topics such as long-range combat and warp drives.