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AT&T cutting device return window to 14 days starting October 7th

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AT&T store logo symbol stock (1020)
AT&T store logo symbol stock (1020)

AT&T has provided its customers with a 30-day window to return devices or cancel their subscriptions with no repercussions, but that will all change tomorrow according to a statement we've received from the carrier. Those who make purchases with AT&T starting October 7th will only have 14 days to change their minds, otherwise they will have to work directly with manufacturers for exchanges and returns and will be subject to early termination fees if cancelling their service. Verizon Wireless, Sprint, and T-Mobile all currently hold their customers to a 14-day window, as does AT&T when dealing with tablets. The full statement from AT&T is reproduced below.

AT&T has updated its device return policy. Consumer customers will have 14 days to return a device for any reason and cancel service without paying an Early Termination Fee. While this begins on October 7, AT&T customers will continue to have the option to update their voice and data plans at any time.