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T-Mobile stores now stocking iPhone 5-friendly nano-SIMs for those with unlocked devices

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T-Mobile store (STOCK)
T-Mobile store (STOCK)

We reported a few weeks ago that T-Mobile had no intention of letting the iPhone 5's smaller nano-SIM card interfere with its newly-bolstered plans to woo unlocked iPhone owners over to its network, and now we've received confirmation that the carrier's stores have begun receiving stock of the new SIM cards. Several T-Mobile stores in New York City informed us that the diminutive SIM cards were delivered today, but if you're interested in moving your iPhone 5 to T-Mobile you would do best to call your local store first: a couple of locations told us that it would take a day to add the cards to their inventory. Stock also appears to be limited at this point — one store employee said they had ten nano-SIMs available.

T-Mobile's least expensive unlimited data, talk, and text plan for unlocked phones comes in at $69.99 per month, but before you decide to make the switch there are sticking points to take note of. Since the vast majority of T-Mobile's HSPA+ ("4G") network runs on the AWS band — a band which no iPhones support — you'll be stuck at far slower 2G speeds in most of the country. The carrier has begun offering iPhone-friendly 1900MHz HSPA+ service in parts of Seattle, Las Vegas, and the New York metro area, which are the only spots where you'll get faster service. Additionally, you'll need an unlocked device like Verizon's iPhone 5 for service to even function — Apple has yet to sell the latest iPhone unlocked without a contract in the US, and AT&T iPhones ship locked to the carrier. It's all a mess of early termination fees and wrangling with carriers, but the option is available now that T-Mobile stores are beginning to stock the so-far iPhone 5-exclusive nano-SIMs.