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Watch this: Ohio State marching band performs a videogame-themed halftime show

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The halftime show at this week's Nebraska / Ohio State football game featured the marching band, as usual, but its performance was likely quite special to any video gamers in the crowd. The band's 10-minute performance featured a wide variety of classic gaming songs (complete with sound effects), including selections from Pokemon, Super Mario Bros., Tetris, The Legend of Zelda, Halo, and more. While the band's brassy versions of these nostalgic themes were spot-on, the accompanying choreography was incredibly complex and quite mesmerizing.

Particularly well-excecuted moments included Link's horse Epona galloping slowly across the field and then transforming into the Master Sword, and the opening Space Invaders design was a nice old-school way to kick things off. However, the finale of the iconic Super Mario Bros. castle and flag, complete with a dig at OSU rivals University of Michigan, was a great way to cap things off. Fortunately, someone captured the entire presentation right at a perfect vantage point and shared it on YouTube — check it out below.