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First Windows 8 laptops appear for sale, won't ship for another month

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win 8 computers (hsn)
win 8 computers (hsn)

Those in a rush to get their hands on a new Windows 8 computer might have thought they struck gold today, with the Home Shopping Network’s online store offering new laptops and all-in-ones from Acer and Gateway with the new operating system. Contrary to initial reports, however, we’ve learned that even though the computers are available for purchase now, they’re on "extended delivery." HSN tells us buyers won’t actually get their new machines until between the 5th and 8th of November; well after Windows 8’s October 26th release.

As ZDNet points out, all five machines run Windows 8 (not Windows 8 Pro), and three (the Acer notebook and both all-in-ones) include touchscreens. Anticipation is building for devices running Microsoft’s newest operating system, such as the company's own line of Surface tablets, but according to a Bloomberg report, Intel’s CEO Paul Otellini believes the Windows 8 software is being released before it’s ready.