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YouTube to fund 60 new international 'channels' as it searches for sustainable audiences

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Advertising dollars lie in original content, not viral videos

youtube channels
youtube channels

YouTube is expanding its range of original channels to feature more international content. The company has been aggressively funding big-name content creators over the past year as part of drive to "channelize" its site. More than 100 channels have launched so far, 20 of which have over a million weekly viewers. The new expansion will see 60 more channels added, this time focused on content tailor-made for British, German, and French audiences. By funding the channels, YouTube hopes to produce "brand safe" content to attract advertisers put off by the unpredictable nature of the site's popular amateur videos.

In an interview with All Things D, Google's VP of TV and Entertainment Robert Kyncl says that "everybody can have a viral success," but what the company wants is audience development, which he says leads to sustained, predictable success. To do that, YouTube will offer channel owners "revenue predictability" (money regardless of view count) for multiple years, allowing them to focus on building their audiences through quality content rather than quick-fix high-traffic videos.