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GREE signs four new North American indie developers for social mobile platform


Social and mobile publisher GREE signed four new North American indie developers for the creation of titles for its mobile gaming platform.

The new additions include Enders Fund, Fathom Interactive, Fifth Column, and FreezeTag, which will provide titles for the platform.

"We're very focused on working with indie talent here at GREE and we're committed to helping these guys succeed," said GREE's senior vice president of developer relations and marketing Eros Resmini in a written statement, reported by MCVUK. "We know each of these guys is different. Some need the technology and some want to leverage our know-how - we're happy to help them however we can."

GREE previously signed four other North American studios earlier in August, including Gamenauts, InfiniDy, Oceanside Interactive, and SkyVu Entertainment.