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'Marvel Heroes' will be 'completely free'

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marvel heroes 1200
marvel heroes 1200

Marvel Heroes, the upcoming massively multiplayer online game from Gazillion Entertainment, will be completely free, according to Gazillion president David Brevik in an interview with

Unlike typical free-to-play titles that often ask users to purchase content within the game, Marvel Heroes is free "from the ground up."

"It's not just busy, it's confusing," Brevik said of the free-to-play market. "Everybody is saying 'we're free to play' but they aren't, it's a small percentage of the game or something like that. From the consumer standpoint it's hard to understand what is free-to-play and what isn't, it feels like a buzz word at this point and it's hard to tell.

"We designed this game as completely free-to-play from the ground up. We wanted to make the highest quality free-to-play game that had ever been made. I think we're hitting that target. We're creating a triple-A quality game that has deep gameplay, graphics are state of the art because we're using Unreal Engine to render, and we aren't just a little bit free. We're completely free."

Marvel Heroes' closed beta kicked off last week. Those interested in joining in on the closed beta can register for an account, fill out a survey, and Gazillion will select applicants to join the beta.