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Starz Play and Encore Play 'authenticated' streaming video now available for Cox customers

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Starz Play
Starz Play

Starz Entertainment has just launched its own HBO Go-style "authenticated" online video channels, with content available through a web browser as well as through a dedicated iOS app — but you'll need to be a Cox cable subscriber to do so. The company focuses on movies as well as original content through its Starz, Encore, and MoviePlex channels, and now selections of that content will be available online to Cox subscribers who get Starz nin their cable package. Somewhat strangely, each channel has its own distinct URL and will also get a dedicated iOS app, rather than roll all of the content together in one place.

Overall, the company says its new Starz Play, Encore Play, and MoviePlex play services encompass some 1,500 selections — it won't match what's on Netflix, but it's a nice bonus for people who watch the channels. For those interested, the Starz Play and Encore Play portals are open now and the apps are available in the App Store, but MoviePlex Play is not yet available — the company says it'll be coming soon. Android users will also get apps sometime in the future, but the real catch right now is the limited provider support — Starz will need to get a lot more than one cable company on board before the service can really be deemed useful.