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Crisis averted: Halliburton recovers missing radioactive rod in Texas after lengthy search

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road in the mountains stock 1020
road in the mountains stock 1020

After an exhaustive search that lasted nearly one month, Halliburton has recovered a radioactive rod the company initially lost track of back on September 11th. In what looked like a real-life 24 plotline developing before our eyes, the rod — which contains Americium-241/Beryllium — disappeared during a routine trip between two oil well sites. In the weeks since, Halliburton employees, police, and the Texas National Guard have combed over the rod's travel route and miles of Texas desert terrain. The FBI was quick to clear Halliburton's three-man crew of any criminal wrongdoing, yet concerns persisted as days continued to pass with no solid developments.

A breakthrough finally came Thursday evening when an oil worker recognized the hazardous device, having first seen it on fliers distributed by local officials. The stainless steel cylinder was found roughly seven miles from its original departure point, though Halliburton hasn't yet released any other specifics as to its condition. Experts had cautioned local residents to keep a safe distance from the rod, which had the potential to cause health problems if handled directly for more than a few hours.