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T-Mobile declares Samsung's Galaxy S III its best-selling device of all time

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Though it's been on the market for less than four months, Samsung's Galaxy S III has already risen to become T-Mobile's best-selling device ever. The carrier announced the impressive feat via Twitter late Friday night but refrained from providing any comprehensive sales figures for the flagship Android handset. Even so, that means the Galaxy S III has quickly eclipsed previous high-profile T-Mobile releases including its predecessor (Galaxy S II), largely stock Android options like the G2 and G2x, not to mention the carrier's entire line of myTouch products.

Still, while it has made great accommodations to recruit unlocked iPhone users onto its network, T-Mobile remains the only major US carrier lacking an official agreement with Apple to carry the iOS handset. With such a gaping hole in its lineup — the iPhone is the best-selling product on every US carrier that offers it — it's difficult to contextualize the Galaxy S III's overall popularity on the fourth-place US carrier. Even so, the rapid achievement serves as further proof that Samsung is Apple's fiercest competitor. The Galaxy S III has succeeded where competing devices have failed in staking a foothold in the collective mindshare of American consumers. We've reached out to T-Mobile for more details.