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Facebook testing Pinterest-style 'Collections' to get brand pages more sales opportunities

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Facebook Collections
Facebook Collections

It looks like Facebook is pulling a page directly from Pinterest's playbook. According to All Things D, the company is testing a new "Collections" feature that lets users collate product images from brand pages however they best see fit and share that collection with their friends. The feature is being tested today, but the company should be releasing it widely to the Facebook userbase later this afternoon; it doesn't appear to be live on our end yet. For starters, Facebook is testing Collections with seven retailers only, including Pottery Barn and Victoria's Secret — you won't be able to make collections from any random friend's images or even any brand page, at first. While other brands can't yet participate, Facebook will open the program up to all brand pages if they decide to keep Collections around beyond the test phase.

These new collecting features could certainly drive a lot more attention to brand pages, and Facebook is hoping to help make these pages more valuable — along with the photo is a price and purchase link. For starters, the company isn't charging a referral fee, but this could certainly turn into a new revenue stream for Facebook once the program matures. As for the end user, images won't show up in your new feed unless you're following the company or one of your friends interacts with and shares it — still, if this takes off like Pinterest has, there's a chance you could get bombarded with your friends' wishlists before too long.