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Watch this: Eclectic Method remixes the future according to film

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Eclectic Method The Future
Eclectic Method The Future

No one can decide whether the future will be wonderful or terrifying, but it still hangs before us like some sharp yet tantalizing bauble. To help us prepare, video remix team Eclectic Method have set the SF film canon to music, picking out the tropes and technology we thought we'd be seeing more often by now. Besides flying cars (or noodle stands), that means slide-out beds, eerily human robots, and the Minority Report interface. You'll probably recognize at least a few of the clips from Idiocracy, Blade Runner, The Fifth Element, or elsewhere, but it's equally interesting as a peek into the collective unconscious.

If you'd like to see Eclectic Method discuss the way they tried to juxtapose utopia and dystopia, click on through to the YouTube video description. The song itself, meanwhile, is posted on SoundCloud.