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Google publishes more guidelines to help developers build 'quality tablet apps'

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Nexus 7 box
Nexus 7 box

Google took the launch of the Nexus 7 as an opportunity to spur developers into making higher-quality tablet apps, a problem that has plagued the platform since the launch of the Xoom early last year. Now, with increased pressure from Amazon in the form of its new Kindle Fire hardware and the looming launch of Windows 8 tablets, Google has put together another tool for developers in the form of its tablet app quality checklist. In ten easy steps, Google lays out the most important things developers needs to do for their tablet apps to be successful, including optimizing for larger screens, taking advantage of a tablet's extra space, and adjusting fonts and widgets.

The list goes into plenty of detail for each item, with a number of support topics for those who need more detail on each item. Aside from this guide, Google will be offering tablet development tips on its Android Developers Google+ page every day this week. With the number of solid to excellent Android tablet options growing every week, we're very glad to see Google pushing software developers to craft truly compelling tablet apps — if the company wants to fight off Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft to stay relevant in the tablet space, more high-quality apps are a must.